Beeswax Food Bag

Introducing our newest addition, the beeswax food bag.

It works just like a brown paper bag but better. It is reusable, washable, fuss-free, easy to use, and has all the benefits of a beeswax food wrap but is even easier and more convenient.

reusable must-have

Store your food in a sustainable and better way.

what makes beeswax wrap so special?

Our beeswax are sourced sustainably from a small family-owned apiary in Australia. Beeswax has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties to keep your food fresh for longer. We added just the right amount of organic coconut oil to make your wraps soft and more pliable and yet smells good. The tree resin is derived from sustainable pine plantations and is an essential ingredient to ensure your wrap clings properly. It has been known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties for many years and It is a fantastic addition to beeswax wraps.

  • Australian Beeswax

    Australian beeswax

  • Organic Coconut Oil

    Organic coconut oil

  • Natural Tree Resin

    Natural tree resin

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  • beeswax wrap - goodness gracious


    Use the warmth and pressure of your hands to shape your beeswax wrap over food and dishes. Place the wrap in the fridge and it will firm right up, retaining the shape and sealing in the goodness.

  • WASH

    Hand wash in cold water with mild soap (we use eco-friendly dish soap). Air dry on dish rack or tap dry with a towel for immediate use.


    Roll it up and pop in a jar to store or fold it up and store them in a kitchen drawer or dry place.

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