Collection: Bundle Pack Beeswax Food Wraps

Keep food fresh for longer.

Reduce plastic food wraps in your kitchen with a healthier and sustainable way to store food. Our all-natural, reusable and antibacterial wraps are the perfect alternatives to plastic food wraps. Reduce food waste and sustainably wrap half avocados, cheeses, veggies, sandwiches, casserole dishes, and just about anything else you want to keep fresh for longer.

Our bundle packs are great value and super versatile replacing single-use plastic wraps in your kitchen and they look fantastic in the fridge. These stunning packs are a perfect starter kit for every household. Your food will last longer when it is stored in beeswax wrap because beeswax coating allows the food to breathe, whilst covered and sealed. Take the first steps towards a plastic-free lifestyle with us. Plus, it is also a perfect sustainable gift, to be used over and over again.