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beeswax food wrap workshops

Whether you’re looking for a small group activity or a fun-filled team building session with your colleagues, we’ve got you covered. Join us for a creative craft with a fabulous eco twist and a great way to reduce the use of plastic in your kitchen.

  • Beeswax wraps can help you reduce single-use plastics in your kitchen.

    A 1.5 hours of hands-on workshop to learn how to make your own beeswax wraps and kick-start your sustainable lifestyle today!

  • Handmade from Australian beeswax wax, Organic coconut oil and natural tree resin.

    Make your own beeswax food wraps with all the materials and tools provided. Take home two pieces of beeswax wraps that you made yourself.

  • Reusable up to one year

    Once you’ve made your wraps, make sure you pay close attention to our tips and tricks to make them long-lasting.

    Caring for your beeswax food wraps 
  • Australian beeswax

  • beeswax wrap - goodness gracious

    Keeps food fresh for longer

  • Washable

  • Reusable up to one year

  • Alternative to single-used plastics

  • Handmade by you

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Want to know how you can make your own beeswax wraps at home?

If you have not get your hands on one of our DIY Kits, be sure to check it out. This fabulous kit has everything you need to have a fun crafter-noon with your friends, children and they are also a great gifting option for eco-conscious recipients or wedding favours for your guests. 

DIY beeswax wrap kit