The 10 best ways to use your beeswax food wrap

How to use your freshly bought beeswax food wrap?
Here are ten ingenious ideas to get you wrapping like a pro.
Ditching plastic cling wrap for reusable food wraps is an easy and cost effective, but when it comes to reusable beeswax food wraps, it's important to know how to use them so you can get the most out of it.
These beeswax wraps come in three different sizes: small (8” x 8”), medium (10” x 10”), and large (13” x 12”), and they are super versatile replacing single-use plastics wraps in your kitchen and they look fantastic in the fridge or used in lunch boxes at school or work. 
Beeswax food wraps are self-adhesive, pliable and has the nicest, most delicate honey scent. They are malleable at room temperature, in the fridge they will become stiff and take on a new shape, they will soften when returned to room temperature.
Though they are probably most known for keeping half an avocados fresh for longer, there are plenty of other ways to use these versatile alternatives to plastic wrap. Here are some of our show-stopping ideas to get your wrapping like a pro!

  1. Keep your favourite cheese tasting delicious. Cheese and beeswax wraps are made for each other. Beeswax wraps have breathable quality which makes them ideal for storing cheese and keeping it fresh for days and weeks on end. The medium wrap is big enough to wrap a whole block of cheese and the small wrap is great for wrapping smaller pieces of cheese.
  1. Cover those bowls and large casserole dishes. With gentle pressure and the warmth of your hands, you can shape the wrap over bowls easily. The wraps will naturally stick to most surfaces, but always seals best to itself.
    *Our tip: For first time use, gently scrunch the wrap into a fist to activate the wrap. Use them to cover a bowl of salad, a plate of leftovers, large platters for your pot-luck party and even use it to proof dough.
  1. Make wrapigamis. Fold your wraps into snack pouch or pocket to store some nuts and small pieces of fruit to snack on-the-go. This is a great alternative to using plastic zip lock bags and ultimately cost effective too! Ideal for your next outdoor adventures like picnic, hiking or camping. Get creative and make food storing fun!
  1. Keep your freshly baked bread fresh. Your bread will last longer when it is stored in beeswax wrap because beeswax coating allows the bread to breathe, whilst covered and sealed. The large wrap is big enough to wrap a whole standard loaf securely.
  1. Wrap your sandwiches or wraps. Ditch plastic cling wraps by using our large wrap to make a pocket for your sandwiches. This allows you to keep the food in the package as you eat it, minus the waste.
  1. Keep your herbs and leafy green fresh for longer. Reduce produce wastage and sustainably wrap your fresh herbs and greens keeping this food fresher without wilting in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or more, depending on the kind. The beeswax coating allows the greens to breathe, whilst covered and sealed in the fridge.
  1. Wrap up a bouquet of flowers or a gift. Instead of using plastic, bring along a large wrap to the florist and have them use it to wrap your favourite bunch of blooms instead. Ditch those wrapping papers and use a large wrap to package your gift for that special someone.
  1. Open tight lid on a jar. Who owns a jar opener in their kitchen drawer? Not us. Ever struggle trying to open a jar of pickles? Your problem solved – use a beeswax wrap. Try it yourself and you can thank us later.
  1. Wrap shampoo bars. Instead of storing your slippery shampoo bar in plastic zip lock bag, use your beeswax wrap or bag to store your soap bars.  It takes up little space in your toiletry bag and the best part is, beeswax wrap can keep each bar sealed tightly without any messy spillage.  Bookmark this tip for your next staycation or travel. 
  1. Refrigerator shelves liner. Add a pop of fun in your refrigerator shelves with our gorgeous beeswax wraps for easy cleaning. Beeswax wraps helps your food container stay in place and makes cleaning up any food spillage a breeze. Just peel away and wash.
Remember to always hand wash your wraps in cold water with mild soap. Depending on what you have wrapped, you can simply wipe the beeswax down with a damp cloth. Never use them in the microwave or dishwasher. Let dishes and food cool down to room temperature before wrapping, and definitely don’t use them with raw meat or seafood. Cooked meats and deli meats are fine.
If you prefer your beeswax wrap to look pristine you will need to keep it away from some foods. For example some sauces will stain your wrap – this does not affect the effectiveness of your wrap. Your tired wraps can also be refreshed by using our refresher blocks. We recommend refreshing your wraps every 3-4 months depending on the condition of use.
Using beeswax wraps is an easy thing to do in the home. Have you ever tried beeswax wraps? How do you use them in your home? Share your experiences with us.
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