Wrap ‘em up with Goodness Gracious beeswax food wrap

No nasty chemicals, better for our environment and a whole lot prettier than plastic food wrap.

Beeswax food wraps are earth-friendly and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic food wraps. Goodness Gracious beeswax food wraps are a great way to help reduce food wastage. They allow the food to breathe, rather than sweat so really do keep your food fresh. By using beeswax food wraps you are helping to reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic that enters our oceans each year! ( source: https://plastic-action.asia )

Beeswax food wraps originated in our kitchen 5 years ago. We are always looking for eco-friendly alternative to store our food fresh for longer without the use of single-use plastic. That is until we started making and using beeswax wraps. Goodness Gracious beeswax food wraps are handmade with 100% cotton fabric, infused with a blend of Australian beeswax, organic coconut oil, and natural tree resin.

Beeswax food wraps are self-adhesive and stick to themselves not the item in which you are wrapping. They are malleable at room temperature, in the fridge they will become stiff and take on a new shape, they will soon soften when returned to room temperature.

How to use Beeswax wraps?
It’s so easy! All you need is your fingers. With just the warmth of your hands, you simply apply gentle pressure to shape the wrap over food, around bowls, jars, dishes or food like cheese, vegetables, greens, bread, fruit, fresh herbs leafy greens or pack a snack for your next adventure and anything you can imagine. The wraps will naturally stick to most surfaces, but always seals best to itself. Read more: The 8 best ways to use your beeswax food wrap.

Place the wrap in the fridge and it’ll firm right up, retaining the shape and sealing in the goodness. And most importantly, do not use to cover raw meat or raw seafood. 

Caring for your beeswax wraps.
With proper care you should be able to reuse your wrap for up to 12 months. It will really depend on how well you care for them and how often you use them.

Here are three useful steps to properly care for your beeswax wraps.

Step #1: Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Because the wrap is antibacterial, a simple wash with cold water is perfectly adequate.

Step #2: Air dry on a dish rack or towel dry for immediate use. Depending on what you have wrapped, you can simply wipe the beeswax down with a damp cloth.

Step #3: Roll or fold your beeswax wraps and store them in a kitchen drawer or dry place. Keep away from all heat and direct sunlight.

Most importantly, beeswax wraps are not suitable for dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves and ovens. The heat melts the wax solution and will change the consistency of the wrap. Please ensure food is at room temperature or cold before wrapping. Wraps pose a potential choking hazard, please keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave children and pets alone with wraps. Beeswax wraps are flammable. For your safety, keep wraps a safe distance away from open fired and heat sources.

If you prefer your beeswax wrap to look pristine you will need to keep it away from some foods. For example some sauces will stain your wrap – this does not affect the effectiveness of your wrap. Your beeswax wrap is made from fabric so over time it may fray. You can trim frayed edges if you wish. Your tired wraps can also be refresh by using our refresher bar every 3-4 months. ( Refresher bar will be available for sale soon.)

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